Stage 1 - Intent to Participate forms are due back by December 5th, 2016


Intent to Participate forms need to be returned by the above date so that we can make the necessary arrangements.


PARATHOSI 2017 Intent to Participate Form
Please complete this form and email or fax it back to us if your group intends on participating at PARATHOSI 2017 on February 11th, 2017
Intent to Participate.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 113.5 KB


Stage 2 - Director's Team Registration due back by January 28th, 2017


Below please find the ROSTER and PERFORMANCE submission forms for all Groups. Please note that the deadline for submitting these forms is January 28th, 2017! Please submit ROSTER and PERFORMANCE forms via email to You may also direct any questions about these forms to us at this email address.


PARATHOSI 2017 Performance Form & Dance History
Parathosi 2017 Performance Form & Dance
Microsoft Excel Table 13.8 KB
PARATHOSI 2017 Roster Form
Parathosi 2017 Roster Form.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Table 12.6 KB


The following two forms must be completed for each individual participant of PARATHOSI 2017.  Please complete and return these forms to us by January 28th, 2017.


PARATHOSI 2017 Code of Conduct
Parathosi 2017 Code of Conduct.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 146.4 KB

PARATHOSI 2017 Permission Waiver
Parathosi 2017 Permission Waiver.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 102.3 KB