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  • Each group will present 1 dance performance suite.

  • Groups are encouraged to center their performances around a specific region, village or island in Greece.

  • Each performance suite must be within the allotted time based upon the specific division.  Senior Division & Division 1: 10-12 minutes, Division 2 & 3: 8-10 minutes, Division 4: 5-7 minutes.

  • The group will have 90 seconds or less to enter stage from the “on deck” area.  This time includes any positioning on stage before the performance begins.  The music will begin when the group leader gives the start signal OR the 90 second mark. 

  • Once the performance is complete, the group will have another 90 seconds or less to exit the stage before the next group enters.

  • Directors will not be permitted to be on or around the stage during the performance or direct their team while it’s dancing.

  • Audience members may not interfere with the judges and/or dancers during the performances sessions.

  • Dancers may wear costumes of their choosing. Traditional costumes are encouraged.

  • Groups must provide a group name, roster, and performance information to PARATHOSI prior to the event.

  • Groups must provide their own music to PARATHOSI prior to the event in the form of a memory stick or 2 copies of the CD in accordance with our guidelines.  Please be careful with your music! Music should be tested beforehand, to make sure it plays and that the music is loud enough. Make extra copies. We cannot guarantee that the music will be returned to you.

  • Performance suites may not include additional props, special lighting/staging or additional time without explicit approval from the PARATHOSI board.

  • Groups will be allotted a specific schedule and time slot for their individual performances and will be expected to follow this schedule.

  • Audience members may not take photographs/video from the aisles or on the performance stage. This must take place from the seating area only.

  • We require that chaperones accompany a group to the performance for the entire day.  For divisions 3 & 4 there must be 1 chaperon for up to 10 participants.   For divisions 1 & 2 there must be 1 chaperone for up to 5 participants.

  • We should know if any of the kids have any special needs or anything else about the dancers that we should know about.

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